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November 2019

Ginger Magazine

p.55 Maude Poncho (firewood) | p.58 Clare V. x DEMYLEE Charmant Sweater (white)

Spur Magazine
p.122 Permanent Collection Chelsea Sweater (chestnut)

大人のおしゃれにほしいもの Magazine
p.23 Giovanna Jacket (navy static), Kace Top (navy static), Marge Pant (navy static)

Classy Magazine
p.57 Rosalie Sweater (navy/white combo)

p.63 Sabrinna Sweater (iris) | p.71 Ollie Sweater (brown speckle)

p.131 Sabrinna Sweater (lt htr grey) | p.133 Tillie Sweater (lt htr grey)

Gisele Magazine
p.64 Myrtle Top (navy)

p.65 Chelsea GG Sweater (white) | p.86 Carmen Sweater (pecan)

p.120-121 Sybille Cardigan (lt htr grey) 

p.152 Sybille Cardigan (navy) | p.159 Geena Top (lt htr grey)

p.162 Daphne Sweater (off white) | p.201 Clarissa Skirt (med htr grey)

Glow Magazine

p.47 Aleah Top (htr grey) | p.62 Louise Mohair Cardigan (dark navy)

Numero Magazine
p.196 Lelia Top (magenta sparkle), Henri Skirt (magenta sparkle)

大人のおしゃれ手帖 Magazine

p.16-17 Shanna Top (htr grey)

p.56 Genevieve Scarf (med htr grey) | p.69 Chelsea GG Sweater (egg yellow)

Story Magazine

p.67 Russell Sweater (med htr grey), Avah Pants (med htr grey) | p.99 Gertrude Sweater (navy)

p.182 Maude Poncho (firewood) | p.195 Daphne Sweater (black)

InRed Magazine
p.69 LAD by DEMYLEE Brantley Cardigan (brown / black leather elbow patch) 

Marisol Magazine
p.64 Chelsea Mohair Sweater (baby pink)

p.96 Sarai Dress (navy) | p.120 Renee Sweater (black)

Very Magazine

p.109 Clare V. x DEMYLEE Charmant Sweater (white) | p.113 Sharon Sweater (black)

p.165 Carmen Sweater (pecan) | p.166 Jesse Pants (navy)

Baila Magazine

p.56 Permanent Collection Annika Scarf (black) | p.143 Bety Turtleneck (scarlet) 

Ginza Magazine

p.166-167 Bety Turtleneck (white) 

CanCam Magazine
p.27 Renee Sweater (carnation pink)