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October 2019

CanCam Magazine

p.7 Bety Turtleneck (scarlet) | p.62 Sariah Vest (black)

p.73 LAD by DEMYLEE Sergio Sweater, Permanent Collection (med htr grey) | p.74 LAD by DEMYLEE Raben Sweater (scarlet)

p.75 Livingline Camisole (lt grey) | p.78 LAD by DEMYLEE Jonathan Sweater, Permanent Collection (chestnut/navy elbow patch)

Safari Magazine

p.64 Sarai Dress (navy) | p.225 LAD by DEMYLEE Sebastian Sweater, Permanent Collection (navy)

25ans Magazine
p.100 Sydney Top (white)

p.105 Carine Twist Top (hot pink twist) | p.115 Chelsea Sweater, Permanent Collection (kelly green)

Classy Magazine

p.83 Harriet Sweater (scarlet) | p.144 Carmen Sweater (rose pink)

p.145-146 Carmen Sweater (rose pink)

p.147-148 Carmen Sweater (rose pink)

p.149-150 Carmen Sweater (rose pink)

Domani Magazine
p.99 Harriet Sweater (scarlet), Avah Pants (sable)

Avah Pants (sable) | p.113  Harriet Sweater (scarlet)

Harriet Sweater (scarlet), Avah Pants (sable)

Gisele Magazine

p.48 May Beanie (scarlet), Genevieve Scarf (scarlet) | p.152 Livingline Camisole (lt grey)

p.156 Rosamonde Sweater (white) | p.186 Dinah Sweater (white/multistripe)

Eclat Magazine
p.41 Gertrude Sweater (dark chestnut)

Story Magazine

p.68 Gayle Cardigan (white) | p.92 Dots Sweater, Futakotamagawa Limited Edition (black), Sharon Sweater (black)

Marisol Magazine
p.37 Maude Poncho (firewood)

p.39 Gertrude Sweater (dark chestnut) | p.68 Jillian Sweater (white)

p.80 Geena Top (amethyst) | p.100 Harlan Shirt (black)

Very Magazine
p.66 Mathilda Top (navy static)

p.114 Hana Dress (black) | p.158 Sybille Cardigan (navy)

Baila Magazine
p.45 Eliza Dress (chestnut)

p.54 LAD by DEMYLEE Brantley Cardigan (brown w/ black leather elbow patch) | p.128 Carmen Sweater (pecan)

Gina Magazine
p.42 Chelsea Sweater (light blue) 

InRed Magazine

p.38-39 Emery Top (white) 

Fudge Magazine
p.47 Clare V. x DEMYLEE Charmant Sweater (white)