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December 2019

Figaro Magazine

p.148 Eliza Dress (chestnut), Esmeralda Cardigan (pecan) | p.149 LAD by DEMYLEE Permanent Collection Sergio Sweater (kelly green), Chelsea Twist Sweater (hot pink twist), Enid Twist Scarf (hot pink twist)

CanCam Magazine

p.51 Rosamonde Sweater (iris) | p.52 Chelsea Mohair Sweater (baby pink)

p.59 Permanent Collection Chelsea Sweater (scarlet) | p.77 Bety Turtleneck (black)

p.80 Avah Pant (black) | p.82 Louise Mohair Cardigan (baby pink)

Deli Magazine
p.24 Permanent Collection Fay Sweater (scarlet)

Ginger Magazine
p.63 Permanent Collection Chelsea Sweater (scarlet)

Safari Magazine

p.216 LAD by DEMYLEE Irom Sweater (white) | p.219 Altona Sweater (off white)

25ans Magazine
p.120 Clare V. x DEMYLEE Charmant Sweater (white)

Classy Magazine
p60 LAD by DEMYLEE Jaylon Sweater (navy/nutmeg combo)

p.61 LAD by DEMYLEE Jaylon Sweater (navy/nutmeg combo) | p.69 Gayle Cardigan (lt htr grey)

p.83 Esmeralda Cardigan (lt htr grey) | p.109 Permanent Collection Chelsea Sweater (white)

p.111 Jillian Sweater (firewood) | p.117 Bety Turtleneck (navy)

Domani Magazine
p.41 Eliza Dress (scarlet)

p.47 Harrison Sweater (white) | p.73 Rubi Dress (pumpkin static / fuchsia static)

p.106 Permanent Collection Annika Scarf (black) | p.122 Bety Turtleneck (black) 

Gisele Magazine
p.32 Russell Sweater (white)

p.33 Russell Sweater (white) | p.47 Clarissa Skirt (med htr grey)

p.67 Gayle Cardigan (navy) | p.68 Grant Sweater (rose pink)

p.71 Bernadette Sweater (scarlet) | p.76 Bety Turtleneck (navy), Adley Top (white)

p.102-103 Daphne Sweater (sun yellow)

p.112 Louise Mohair Cardigan (dark navy) | p.113 Sabrinna Sweater (white)

p.118 Clare V. x DEMYLEE Nora Ruffle Cardigan (pink) | p.135 Chelsea Sweater (white)

p.160 Bety Turtleneck (med htr grey) | p.173 Aleena Sweater (pond blue)

Glow Magazine

p.48 Geena Top (white) | p.101 Chelsea Sweater (lt htr grey), Chelsea Sweater (flamingo)

Oggi Magazine
p.233 Louise Mohair Cardigan (baby pink)

Otona Muse Magazine
p.61 Chelsea Sweater (lt htr grey), Cicely Sweater (brown speckle)

今よりぜんぶ良くなりたい Magazine
p.109 Adley Top (sacramento green)

Sitruuna Magazine
p.35 Esmeralda Cardigan (pecan), Clarissa Skirt (black)

Story Magazine

p.65 Russell Sweater (scarlet) | p.70 Thelma Cardigan (camel sparkle)

InRed Magazine

p.29 Chelsea GG Sweater (light blue) | p.71 Chelsea GG Sweater (light pink)

Lee Magazine
p.40 Permanent Collection Fay Sweater (navy)

p.80 Avah Pant (firewood) | p.81 Jesse Pant (dark chestnut)

Eclat Magazine

p.37 Carmen Sweater (lt htr grey) | p.38 Tillie Sweater (lt htr grey)

Marisol Magazine

p.53 Sharon Sweater (poodle pink) | p.54 Genevieve Scarf (vanilla)

Very Magazine

p.133 Harrison Sweater (navy) | p.175 Lesli Sweater (iris/camel)

Cluel Magazine
p.14 Sabrinna Sweater (white)

Fudge Magazine 
p.80 Permanent Collection Fay Sweater (scarlet), Permanent Collection Ranler Beanie (scarlet)