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November 2018

Kurashi Magazine
p.68 Carista Sweater (retro blue)

SPUR Magazine
p.143 Almah Top (chartreuse)

p.147 Canaan Tunic

JJ Magazine
p.68 Fynn Cardigan (chestnut)

p.70 Gianna Sweater (lavendar) | p.128 LAD by DEMYLEE Alejandro Sweater (white brick

CanCam Magazine
p.32 Shorts (lt grey)

p.33 Shorts (lt grey) | p.108 Sabrinna Sweater (navy)

Anan Magazine
Cover, p.5 Brenda Top (chestnut/eggplant)

p.19 Hera Scarf (bright navy), Campbell Top (bright navy) | p.20 Brenda Top (chestnut/eggplant)

p.88-89 Brenda Top (chestnut/eggplant)

p.92 Brenda Top (chestnut/eggplant)

Glow Magazine
p.27 Toni Pant (chestnut), Bennie Sweater (chestnut), Fiona Shawl (chestnut)

p.29 Bennie Sweater (chestnut), Fiona Shawl (chestnut) | p.32 Eliza Dress (lt htr grey)

p.34 Marjon Sweater (carmine)

Classy Magazine
p.64 Ruffled Sweater (black)

p.70 Ranler Beanie (black) | p.105 Cassidy Dress (navy)

p.110 Edette Skirt (nutmeg) | p.167 Carista Sweater (scarlet)

Oggi Magazine
Cover, p.13 Dhara Sweater (navy)

p.114 Marcia Top (navy)

Gisele Magazine
p.30 Hera Scarf (lt htr grey)

p.37 Colton Pant (grey pinstripe) | p.79 Caville Skirt (bronze)

p.132 Mackena Top (black) | p.163 Bennie Stripe Sweater (chestnut/midnightblue)

p.171 Chelsea Sweater (white) | p.182 Francine Sweater (navy)

p.183 Inaya Top (black), Parker Pant

Elle Magazine
p.246 Brenda Top (chestnut/eggplant)

p.248 Francine Sweater (navy)

Numero Magazine
p.108 Georgia Sweater (black)

Otona Muse Magazine
p.105 Ranler Beanie (chestnut)

Vogue Magazine
p.93 Clare V. x DEMYLEE Morris Sweater (navy)

Story Magazine
p.94 LAD by DEMYLEE Kane Sweater (med htr grey)

p.98 Carista Sweater (scarlet) | p.99 LAD by DEMYLEE Nixon Sweater (black white combo)

p.113 Karson Cami (lt htr grey), Rylin Pant (lt htr grey) | p.124 Patrice Pant (black)

p.173 Sabrinna Sweater

Domani Magazine
p.37 Delphine Blazer (camel)

p.40 Sonora Top (maple) | p.153 Ruffled Sweater (beige), Almah Top (navy)

大人のおしゃれに欲しいもの 秋冬Vol.3 Magazine
p.15 Francine Sweater (forest)

p.34 Eliza Dress (scarlet)

Marisol Magazine
p.73 Gianni Sweater (oatmeal heather)

p.142 LAD by DEMYLEE Rye Sweater (powder blue)

Very Magazine
p.65 Francine Sweater (forest)

p.73 Arlow Dress (magenta) | p.203 LAD by DEMYLEE Kaiden Sweater (black ivory combo)

p.246-247 Rye Sweater (med htr grey)

大人のおしゃれ手帖 Magazine
p.38 Mackena Top (chestnut)

p.42 Toni Pant (chestnut), Reggy Gloves (scarlet), Sylvia Knit (camel)

LEE Magazine
p.30 Eugene Cardigan (lt htr grey)

p.113 Carista Sweater (scarlet)

InRed Magazine
p.60 Helene Top (black)

Ginza Magazine
p.56 Shorts (lt grey)

p.65 Shorts (lt grey) | p.106 Karson Cami (lt htr grey)

p.129 Mackena Top (scarlet) | p. 218 Pajama (white)

p.222 Tank (lt grey), Capri Wide Pants (lt grey)

HERS Magazine

p.104-105 Walker Sweater (scarlet)

p.111 Carista Sweater (scarlet) | p.113 Dalerie Cardigan (smoky lavendar)

Baila Magazine
p.57 Mackena Top (chestnut)

p.175 Fynn Cardigan (chestnut) | p.176 Walker Sweater (scarlet)

p.177 Braelyn Jumpsuit (black)

ar Magazine
p.46 Marjon Sweater (carmine)

p.123 Branwen Cardigan (disco stripe)

MRS Magazine
p.76 Hera Scarf (canary)

p.79 Saul Skirt (navy) | p.82 Hutton Cardigan (bright navy)