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October 2018

JJ Magazine
Cover Carista Sweater (scarlet)

p.27-33 Carista Sweater (scarlet)

CanCam Magazine
p.30 Marcia Top (lilac)

p.31 Sabrinna Sweater

Classy Magazine
p.74 Hutton Cardigan (bright navy)

p.80  Chester Cardigan (white) | p.128 Marcia Top (navy)

Gisele Magazine
p.25 Sonora Top (maple)

p.31 Sonora Top (white) | p.34 Hera Scarf (lt htr grey)

p.44 Sonora Top (navy) | p.120 LAD by DEMYLEE Alejandro Sweater (white brick combo)

p.174 Caville Skirt (black cherry) | p.176 Tank (lt htr grey)

p.208 Alessandra Pant

Oggi Magazine

p.75-83 Edetta Skirt (nutmeg)

Glow Magazine
p.65 Inaya Top (black)

Otona Muse Magazine

p.77-89 Mackena Top (scarlet), Aadya Sweater (lavender)

Domani Magazine
p.181 Natasha Top (med htr grey)

Story Magazine
p.63 Kid's Chelsea Sweater (powder blue)

p.64 Marcia Top (lilac) | p.101 Fynn Cardigan (chesnut), Delphine Blazer (white)

p.168 Selita Top (med htr grey) | p.186 Amity Top (camel/leafgreen/navy)

With Magazine
p.35 Caville Skirt (black cherry)

Numero Tokyo Magazine
p.175 Llama Jacquard Sweater (orange)

Very Magazine
p.55 Gianni Sweater (oatmeal heather)

p.141 Arlow Dress (forest) | p.152 Sayer Top (chesnut)

p.191 Arlow Dress (navy) | p.192 Redding (navy)

p.221 LAD by DEMYLEE Alejandro Sweater (white/navycombo) | p.398 Walker Sweater (scarlet)

p.399 Walker Sweater (scarlet), Rebecca Mohair Beret (lt htr grey), Vaughn Sweater (white/navy), Kelly Cardigan (white/navy), Saul Skirt (navy), Parton Coat (lt htr grey) | p.400 Hera Scarf (lt htr grey), Sabrinna Sweater (lavender), Kit Pant (greenstripe), Amanda Sweater (lt htr grey), Rebecca Beret (scarlet), Perseus Beanie (black/white), Perseus Lurex Beanie (navy/gold), Hera Scarf (canary, sand, bright navy)

p.401 Gianna (Lavender), Colton Pant (greypinstripe), Llama Jacquard Sweater (orange)

Ginza Magazine
p.84 Aadya Sweater (carmine)

p.98 Pajama (ltblue)

Woman Celebrity Magazine
p.58 Gabriella Stripe Sweater (white/beige)