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December 2018

JJ Magazine
p.40 Rebecca Beret (black)

p.104-111 Hannes Sweater (navy combo)

CanCam Magazine
p.52 Carista Sweater (chestnut)

p.78 Leo Cardigan (teal metal combo) | p.79 LAD by DEMYLEE Sergio Sweater (navy)

Classy Magazine
p.54 Sabrinna Sweater (lavendar)

p.57 Mackena Top (black) | p.82 Max Sweater (white/navy)

p.85 Cesara Sweater (off-white) | p.128 Eliza Dress (scarlet)

Oceans Magazine
p.94 LAD by DEMYLEE Kane Sweater (med htr grey)

Gisele Magazine
p.22 Toni Pant (black)

p.60 LAD by DEMYLEE Kaiden Sweater (black/ivory combo) | p.70 Mackena Top (scarlet)

p.75 LAD by DEMYLEE Nixon Sweater (black white combo), Clare V. x DEMYLEE Nora Cardigan (black) | p.93 Marjon Sweater (lt htr grey)

p.109 Lucero Sweater (navy combo) | p.141 LAD by DEMYLEE Sergio Sweater (white)

p.144 Elsie Poncho (black) | p.165 Ethel Jacket (nutmeg), Elora Pant (nutmeg), Dalerie Cardigan (smoky lavendar)

p.168 Dalerie Cardigan (beige)  | p.170 Helene Top (black)

p.179 Caville Skirt (bronze) | p.182 Lily Dress (black)

Otona Muse Magazine

p.39 Aeris Sweater (chocolate twist) | p.42 Marjon Sweater

Oggi Magazine

p.75 Edetta Skirt (nutmeg) | p.85 Marcia Top (navy)

p.191-295 Rebecca Beret (black)

Glow Magazine

p.48 Carista Sweater (scarlet) | p.76 Chelsea Sweater (carmine)

p.79 Patrice Pant (black) | p.99 LAD by DEMYLEE Henry Beanie (black midnight blue)

Biteki Magazine

p.60-61 Chester Cardigan

With Magazine
p.38 Mackena Top (chestnut)

Elle Magazine
p.183 Branwen Cardigan (disco stripe)

p.199 Branwen Cardigan (disco stripe) | p.254 Chester Cardigan (carmine)

Milk & Honey Magazine

p.98 Sybil Skirt (navy blue jacquard) | p.101 Karson (lt htr grey), Shorts (t htr grey)

Story Magazine
p.96 Edette Skirt (nutmeg)

Domani Magazine
p.76 LAD by DEMYLEE Henry Beanie (black midnight blue) | p.162 Briella Stripe Sweater (white beige)

Very Magazine

p.154 Carista Sweater (retro blue) | p.155 Chelsea Sweater (lt htr grey)

p.156 Yates Sweater (lt htr grey) | p.199 Robe (lt grey), Patrice Pant (med htr

In Red Magazine
p.44 Chelsea Sweater (white)

ar Magazine

p.79 Hera Scarf (canary) | p.101 Llama Jacquard Sweater (orange), Winter Animal Jacquard Sweater (multicolor)

Baila Magazine
p.69 Sabrinna Sweater (lt htr grey)

p.81 Chelsea Sweater (lt htr grey) | p.187 Federika Sweater (purple metal)

Hers Magazine

p.103 Parton Coat (canary) | p.107 Patrice Pant (med htr grey), Vienna Dress (black)

Regina Magazine

p.26 Ariande Coat (lt htr grey)