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November 2017

Figaro Magazine
p.122 Mari Top (black)

Spur Magazine
p.63 Clare V. x DEMYLEE Henrietta Sweater (sunvalley)

JJ Magazine
p.8 Carina Sweater (orange)

p.85 Emmanuel Cardigan (burgundy) | p.105 Tank (ltgrey), Robe (ltgrey)

p.109 Caroline Sweater (navy) | p.111 Clare V. x DEMYLEE Foldover Clutch

p.112 Juliana Sweater (powderblue) | p.113 Yuki Sweater (camel/navy)

Nikkei Magazine
p14 Wyatt Sweater Dress (navycopperlurex)

Oggi Magazine
p.83 Kass Sweater (navy)

p.87 Malena Top (navy) | p.104 Fawn Sweater (white)

Classy Magazine
p.56 Brant Dress (black)

p.67 Ally Turtleneck (navy/white) | p.69 Clare V. x DEMYLEE Foldover Clutch

p.72 Gretchen Cardigan (white) | p.74 Caroline Sweater (leafgreen)

p.106 Lex Cardigan (navy) | p.112 Mackena Sweater (black)

p.114 Burton Sweater (lthtrgrey) | p.132 Vienna Sweater Dress (navy)

p.139 Wyatt Dress (blacklurex)

美的 Magazine
p.52 Vienna Sweater Dress (lthtrgrey)

p.53 V
ienna Sweater Dress (lthtrgrey)

Glow Magazine
p.70 Juliana Sweater (orange)

p.93 Ally Stripe Turtleneck (navy/white)

Gisele Magazine
p.88 Ophelia Cami (white)

p.136 Viola Dress (black) | p.152 Elly T-shirt (white)

p.160 Lucetta Cable Sweater (white)

eclat Magazine
p.41 Ingrid Cardigan (eggplant)

p.42 Emelyn Skirt (black) | p.50 Fleming Cardigan (lthtrgrey)

p.51 Tierney Top (whitestripe)

Story Magazine
p.81 Wagner Top (lthtrgrey)

p.100 Ally Turtleneck (burgundy/white) | p.101 Fawn Sweater (peony)

p.131 Cortez Stripe Sweater (lthtrgrey/navy), Anthea Sweater (powderblue) | p.140 Archer W.R. Cardigan (lthtrgrey/white)

p.141 Elfie Pant (navy) | p.152 Elian Skirt (navy)

p.170 Elfie Pant (navy), Cashmere Sweater (wheat) | p/229 Cicely Sweater (nutmeg)

Lee Magazine
p.36 Burton Sweater (powderblue)

p.39 Burton Sweater (powderblue) | p.66 Edison Twill Trenchcoat (desertcamel)

p.68 Viola Dress (black) | p.71 Brant Dress (black)

Nina's Magazine
cover, p.5 Viola Dress (medhtrgrey)

Marisol Magazine
p.45 Watts Pullover (navy/copperlurex)

Very Magazine
p.119 Scotty Cardigan (powderblue), Lucetta Sweater (powderblue)

p.354 Chelsea Sweaters (orange, marigold, navy, white, chesnut), Elliot Sweaters (offwhite, navy), Selma Denim Pant (indigo), Lex Cardigan (offwhite), Viki Sweaters (oatmeal/orange, navy/chesnut), Orion Sweater (whitestripe) | p.355 Chelsea Sweater (white), Yuki Sweater (camel/navy), Selma Twill Pant (desertcamel), Leona Sweater Coat (cheetahjacquard), Elly T-shirt (medhtrgrey), Selma Denim Pant (indigo), Joanne Skirt (cheetahjacquard), Bayley Scarf (cheetahjacquard), Ansyll Beanie (cheetahjacquard), Meghan Sweater (orange), Linus Scarf (lthtrgrey), Ryen Sweaters (camelcombo, navycombo), 

p.356 Lucetta Sweater (orange), Fischer Sweater (powderblue), Elly Band Stripe T-shirt (offwhite/navy), Elian Skirt (medhtrgrey) | p.357 Cashmere Sweater (pink), Clare V. x DEMYLEE Henrietta Sweater (sunvalley), Clare V. x DEMYLEE Foldover Clutch, Elian Skirt (navy)

and Girl Magazine
p.190 Clifford Sweater (orange)

p.191 Ryman Skirt (camel)

Baila Magazine
p.64 Scotty Cardigan (darkcedar)

Hers Magazine
p.148 Claudette Sweater (offwhite)

p.149 Claudette Sweater (offwhite)

大人のおしゃれに欲しい物 Magazine
p.44 Vienna Sweater Dress (chesnut)