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December 2017

Harper's Bazaar Magazine
p.97 Clare V. x DEMYLEE Celeste Stripe Beret (navy)

JJ Magazine
p.14 Carina Sweater (orange)

p.15 Carina Sweater (orange) | p.55 Ophelia Lurex Cami (navy/gold)

p.70 Chelsea Mohair Sweater (lthtrgrey) | p.86 Mackena Sweater (medhtrgrey)

p.99 Harris Sweater (lthtrgrey/white) | p.191 Camden Mohair Sweater (sunflower)

p.103 Mackena Sweater (medhtrgrey) | p.126 Maxwell Sweater (white/navy)

p.128 Maxwell Sweater (white/navy), Mackena Sweater (medhtrgrey) | p.138 Maeve Cardigan (lthtrgrey)

p.155-156 Carina Sweater (orange)

p.19 Winter Animal Jacquard Sweater (multi)

p.45-46 Elly T-shirt (white), Chelsea Sweater (chesnut)

With Magazine
p.25 Burton Sweater (white)

Otona Muse Magazine
p.21 Ophelia Cami (black)

p.35 Maxwell Sweater (white/navy) | p.44 Reagan Animal Print Top (white/navy)

Classy Magazine
p.133 Emanuel Cardigan (burgundy)

p.136 Chelsea Sweater (marigold) | p.143 Chelsea Mohair Sweater (sunflower)

Glow Magazine
p.7 Fleming Cardigan (lthtrgrey)

p.22 Fleming Cardigan (lthtrgrey)

Gisele Magazine
p.50 Caroline Sweater (leafgreen)

p.60 Halford Cardigan (leafgreen) | p.61 Cicely Sweater (navy), Clare V. x DEMYLEE Henrietta Sweater (sunvalley)

p.65 Maxwell Sweater (lthtrhrey/orange) | p.71 Winter Animal Jacquard Sweater (multi)

p.101 Edison Twill Trenchcoat (desertcmael), Cerie Turtleneck (black) | p.125 Lucetta Sweater (mocha)

p.126 Finley Skirt (darkindigo) | p.153 Cerie Turtleneck (black)

p.156 Edison Twill Trench Coat (desertcamel) | p.161 Mackena Sweater (orange)

p.166 Darice Sweater (navy) | p.170 Cerie Turtleneck (black) Clare V. x DEMYLEE Henrietta Sweater (sunvalley)

p.173 Fleming Cardigan (lthtrgrey) | p.200 Lucetta Sweater (mocha)

Domani Magazine
p.71 Selma Twill Pant (desertcamel)

p.29 Camden Mohair Sweater (sunflower)

p.56 Watts Lurex Pullover (black) | p.60 Fawn Sweater (peony)

p.61 Fawn Sweater (peony) | p.83 Cashmere Sweater (pink)

p.146 Waverly Tunic (whitestripe) | p.189 Lucetta Sweater (orange)

Eclat Magazine
p.60 Watts Lurex Tops (navy/copper, navy/ocean, medhtrgrey/confetti), Cashmere Sweater (pink)

Hanako Magazine
p.7 Mackena Sweaters (black, orange)

Steady Magazine
p.11 Linus Tissue Scarf (offwhite), Viki Sweater (oatmeal/orange)

InRed Magazine
p.43 Scotty Cardigan (darkcedar)

Lee Magazine
p.31 Kass Sweater (burgundy)

p.160-161 Malena Top (marigold)

p.175 Bonnie Pant (black)

Marisol Magazine
p.73 Mackena Sweater (medhtrgrey)

p.81 Elliot Sweater (offwhite) | p.101 Emelyn Skirt (black)

Anan Magazine
p.9 Emanuel Cardigan (burgundy)