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October 2017

JJ Magazine
p.36 Carina Sweater (white)

p.37 Carina Sweater (white), Clare V. x DEMYLEE Wallet Clutch (poppypompom)

p.90 Malena Top (burgundy)

Classy Magazine
p.47 Lex Sweater (offwhite)

p.48-49 Lex Sweater (offwhite)

p.50 Lex Sweater (offwhite) | p.61 Kass Sweater (burgundy)

p.63 Scotty Cardigan (darkcedar) | p.72 Gretchen Cardigan (lthtrgrey), Elian Top (navy)

p.73 Gretchen Cardigan (lthtrgrey), Elian Top (navy) | p.74 Emanuel Cardigan (lthtrgrey)

p.77 Maeve Cardigan (chesnut)

Oggi Magazine
p.94 Caroline Sweater (mistygrey)

Gisele Magazine
p/41 Jordan Sweatshirt (navy)

p.54-55 Edison Twill Trenchcoat (desertcamel)

Edison Twill Trenchcoat (desertcamel) | p.90 Clare V. x DEMYLEE Henrietta Sweater (arctic)

p.156 Ophelia Lurex Cami (chesnut/goldlurex) | p.163 Chelsea Mohair Sweater (white)

p.191 Viki Stripe Sweater (navy/chesnut)

Numero Magazine
p.247 Winter Animal Jacquard Sweater (multi), Winter Animal Jacquard Kid's Sweater (multi)

eclat Magazine
p.57 Kass Sweater (navy)

p.63 Redford Sweater (eggplant)

Anan Magazine
p.9 Ophelia Cami (white), Fawn Sweater (white), Ruffled Skirt (black)

p.11 Meghan Sweater (chesnut)

Steady Magazine
p.9 Clare V. x DEMYLEE Henrietta Sweater (sunvalley)

ミセス Magazine
p.130 Viki Stripe Sweaters (oatmeal/orange, navy/chesnut)

Marisol Magazine
p.66 Edison Twill Trenchcoat (desertcamel)

p.71 Wagner Top (black) | p.82 Juliana Sweater (orange)

p.89 Ally Turtleneck (navy/white), Gretchen Cardigan (white)

Very Magazine
p.55 Chelsea Sweaters (orange, marigold, navy, white, chesnut, indigo)

Ginza Magazine
p.132 Cashmere Sweater (pink)

p.129 Lucetta Cable Sweater (white)

Frau Magazine
p.14 Winter Animal Jacqaurd Sweater (multi)

Marie Claire Magazine
p.15 Maxwell Sweater (white/navy)

Hers Magazine
p.28 Camden Mohair Sweater (sunflower)

p.47 Chelsea Mohair Sweater (sunflower) | p.82 Elian Skirt (medhtrgrey)

p.91 Wagner Top (burgundy)