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January 2019

JJ Magazine
p.27 Francine Sweater (magenta), Jalen Sweater (chartreuse)

p.32 Patrice Pant (chestnut) | p.79 Pajama (white)

Safari Magazine
p.69 LAD by DEMYLEE Kaiden Sweater (black/ivory combo), Lucero Sweater (white combo)

p.178-179 Marjon Sweater (navy), Ansel Leggings (navy)

p.186 Arlow Dress (navy) | p.190 Fynn Cardigan (white)

p.261 Rumer Sweater (magenta twist)

Otona Muse Magazine
p.41 Reggy Gloves (scarlet)

Classy Magazine
p.55 Rebecca Mohair Beret (bright navy)

p.95 Dalerie Cardigan (beige) | p.156 Ranler Beanie (med htr grey)

p.184-185 Eliza Dress (lt htr grey)

Oggi Magazine
p.70 Amos Skirt (navy camel trim)

Gisele Magazine

p.36 Delphine Blazer (camel) | p.50 Sabrinna Sweater (white)

p.53 Georgia Sweater (bronze) | p.86 Carista Sweater (chestnut)

p.88 Chester Cardigan (navy) | p.90 Georgia Sweater (bronze)

p.143 Mackena Top (chestnut) | p.174 Eliza Dress (scarlet)

Elle Magazine
p.215 LAD by DEMYLEE Patrick Sweater (emerald green)

Anan Magazine
p.9 Sonora Top (white)

25ans Magazine
p.215 Patrice Pant (chestnut)

Story Magazine
p.128 Lily Dress (black)

Eclat Magazine

p.57 Amanda Sweater (med htr grey) p.58 Gianni Sweater (oatmeal heather)

Lee Magazine
p.43 Ranler Beanie (chestnut)

Very Magazine
p.78 Reggy Gloves (chestnut)

p.79 Reggy Gloves (chestnut) | p.219 Chelsea Sweater (beige)

Marisol Magazine
p.61 Marjon Sweater (navy)

The Dodo Jean Magazine

p.40 Reggy Gloves (chestnut) | p.71 Jalen Sweater (chartreuse)

Baila Magazine
p.69 Amanda Sweater (med htr grey)

Ginza Magazine

p.162 Tallulah Top (med htr grey) | p.166 Sloan Top (rust)