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February 2019

Linnere Magazine

p.26-27 Ansel Leggings (navy)

CanCam Magazine
p.144 Tank Top (lt grey)

Gisele Magazine

p.61 Tallulah Top (black)

p.76 Ruffled Skirt (black) | p.81 Maia Stripe Top (camel sky blue combo)

p.92 Zadie Top (soft beige) | p.95 DEMYLEE x Clare V. Ruffled Cardigan (black)

Classy Magazine
p.52 Janelle Top (white)

p.80-84 Gianna Sweater (lavendar)

p.85-86 Gianna Sweater (lavendar)

p.87-88 Gianna Sweater (lavendar)

p.89 Gianna Sweater (lavendar) | p.116 Abbey Top (white)

With Magazine

p.122-125 Yulissa Top (camel)

Marisol Magazine
p.41 Chelsea Sweater (white)

Hers Magazine
p.23 Jasleen Top (cherry red)

AR Magazine

p.87 Abbey Top (camel)

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January 2019

January 2019

JJ Magazinep.27 Francine Sweater (magenta), Jalen Sweater (chartreuse)p.32 Patrice Pant (chestnut) | p.79 Pajama (white)Safari Magazinep.69 LAD by DEMYLEE Kaiden Sweater (black/ivory combo), Lucer...

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March 2019

March 2019

JJ Magazinep.23 Brighton Sweater (peacock) | p.44 Diego Sweater (white/black)p.45 Diego Sweater (white/black) | p.100 LAD by DEMYLEE (navy)CanCam Magazinep.120 Tela Top (sky blue) | p.122 Jossy To...

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