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January 2020

Bi-ST Magazine

p.126 Alberta Sweater (oatmeal/vermillion) | p.127 Daphne Sweater (white)

Spring Magazine

p.48 Bety Turtleneck (med htr grey) | p.51 Bety Turtleneck (navy)

CanCam Magazine

p.75 Chelsea Sweater (lt htr grey) | p.80 LAD by DEMYLEE Permanent Collection Sergio Sweater (navy)

p.85 Clarissa Skirt (med htr grey) | p.86 Laureana Dress (soft lilac)

JJ Magazine
p.35 Matchpoint Sweater (white/navy)

OCEANS Magazine
p.150 Bety Turtleneck (firewood)

Safari Magazine

p.128-129 LAD by DEMYLEE Permanent Collection Sebastian Sweater (feather), Beatrice Top (warm beige combo)

Glow Magazine
p.60 Sabrinna Sweater (lt htr grey)

Classy Magazine

p.67 Emily Sweater (white) | p.124 Sybille Cardigan (white)

p.125 Sharon Sweater (firewood) | p.157 Bety Turtleneck (white)

Gisele Magazine

p.38 Chelsea Sweater (white) | p.59 Permanent Collection Fay Sweater (scarlet red)

p.62 Cecil Sweater (white) | p.79 Bety Turtleneck (firewood)

p.80 Sabrinna Sweater (navy) | p.87 Aleena Sweater (pond blue)

p.90 Bernadette Sweater (scarlet) | p.129 Clarissa Skirt (med htr grey)

p.145 Joany Top (vanilla) | p.173 Genevieve Scarf (med htr grey)

Otona Muse Magazine

p.44 Maude Poncho (med htr grey) | p.88 Eliza Dress (scarlet)

Eclat Magazine
p.32 Permanent Collection Eliza Dress (med htr grey)

p.39 Harrison Sweater (navy) | p.41 Roberta Cardigan (white/navy)

Story Magazine

p.68 Genevieve Scarf (med htr grey) | p.109 Permanent Collection Chelsea Sweater (pigtail pink)

Anan Magazine
p.11 Permanent Collection Chelsea Sweater (kelly green)

Gina Magazine
p.37 Aleena Sweater (moss)

p.43 Daphne Sweater (fern) | p.56 Chelsea Sweater (black)

p.61 Bety Turtleneck (med htr grey) | p.64 Daphne Sweater (black)

Honey Magazine
p.94 Minnie Sweater (navy/white) 

p.95 Minnie Sweater (navy/white) | p.97 Livingline Pajama (white)

InRed Magazine
Cover / p.7 Carmen Sweater (rose pink)

Lee Magazine
p.54 Maude Poncho (med htr grey)

Very Magazine
p.81 Sharon Sweater (poodle pink), Lami Jumpsuit (navy)

Alice Hirose Photo Book
p.1 Livingline Camisole & Shorts (light gray)

Livingline Camisole & Shorts (light gray)

Baila Magazine

p.80 Sabrinna Sweater (white) | p.82 Harriet Sweater (med htr grey)

Ginza Magazine
p.129 Bety Turtleneck (scarlet)