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Harley Viera Newton


Crazy cat lady / DJ. Born in London, raised in LA, now living in NYC with Tarzan and Marmite.


Tokyo! It's endlessly inspiring and exciting and so unique. From the cuisine to the incredibly lovely people to the owl cafes, I'm completely obsessed. I could live there.


Vintage 40s printed dress


Moscow Mule


I'm definitely most inspired when I travel, being exposed to new people, places, music, and style. I went to Cartagena over the holidays and fell so in love with the stunning faded colors of the old city and the beautiful handmade goods for sale on the streets. And of course my mum is my forever style icon - she's so effortless but always looks put together.

I haven't taken off my pink (Lawrence) cashmere sweater since I got it. People stop me in the streets all the time asking where I got it because it's the most perfect color and shape. AND it's delicious. I also love my Kaia sweater - I'm a sucker for a turtleneck and it's the perfect fit - so lightweight and cosy. Also, if you've been looking for the perfect cable knit sweater as I have, the Hand-knit Sweater is IDEAL. And don't get me started on all of their stripes...

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Yukari Negishi

Yukari Negishi

Women's Creative Director, Ron Herman Japan

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Piera Gelardi

Piera Gelardi

Executive Creative Director & Founding Partner, Refinery 29

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