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Christene Barberich


I'm the Editor-in-Chief of Refinery29, also a gifted thrifter and hopeless dreamer. Mild addiction to green juice, good sleep, and my 3-legged cat, Phoebe.


New York is my home, but lately I've been having a love affair with Los Angeles...the pace, the air, the vibe, it's just easier, and, in many ways, it's still a mystery to me so it has a sort of magic that draws me in. I also love Tokyo, Shanghai, Istanbul, and Rome...especially Rome. I've never been to Peru or Chile, yet, but someday I'm sure those places will be on the list, too.

"The perfect sweater for dressing up or down."


Anything from Rachel Comey or Dries van Noten....I wear both of those designers quite a lot. If I had to choose one actual piece in my closet, it would be these vintage white wide-legged jeans I bought at Collection LA in Los Angeles...I can't stop wearing them. They're perfect.


A vodka gimlet. Straight up.


South American architecture, Peter Saville's graphic design, fashion from the 70s, Joan Didion, Barbara Hulanicki, Rachel Comey, Hillary Clinton, animals' ability to love unconditionally...there are so many.

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Piera Gelardi

Piera Gelardi

Executive Creative Director & Founding Partner, Refinery 29

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Jennifer Mankins

Jennifer Mankins

Owner of Bird Brooklyn

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