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January 2017

JJ Magazine
p.16 Nira Cable Scarf (snowflake)

p.18  Gretchen Cardigan (white) | p.21 Yulia Dress (white)

p.27 Nira Cable Scarf (snowflake) | p.28  Nira Cable Scarf (red), Wallis Pullover (scarlet)

p.29 Nira Cable Scarf (red), Wallis Pullover (scarlet) | p.44 Bailey Sweater (htr grey)

p. 107 Adia Stripe Sweater (snowflake/black)

Spring Magazine
p.49 Mackenzie Sweater (sand), Mara Sweater (eggshell)

Classy Magazine
p.53 Nira Cable Scarf (snowflake)

p.54 Jonie Sweater Dress (white) | p.55 Annika Woven Oversized Scarf (white)

p.126-127 Florence Sweater (black)

p.153 Blythe Cable Beanie (snowflake), Alice Sweater (snowflake)

Gisele Magazine
p.69 Dana Scarf (navy/lthtrgrey/white)

Story Magazine
p.47 Lucille Sweater (navy/camel/white)

p.50 Stacey Beanie (navy/lthtrgrey/white), Keane Skirt (lthtrgrey)

Marisol Magazine
p.43 Elizabeth Boatneck Sweater (navy)

p.69 Florence Sweater (camel), Camille Sweater (white)

p.116 Jillian Boatneck Sweater (white)

Lee Magazine
p.28 Bonnie Beanie (black), Jillian Boatneck Sweater (wine)

p.29, 31, 33  Jillian Boatneck Sweater (wine)

Very Magazine
p.69 Wallis Pullover (eggshell)

p.70-71 Jolie Tunic Tee

Baila Magazine
p.70 Ginny Sweater (camel)

p.71 Ginny Sweater (camel) | p.108 Jillian Round Neck Sweater (wine)