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May 2020

CanCam Magazine
p.33 Liza Cardigan (bright pink)

Safari Magazine
p.137 LAD by DEMYLEE Eton Cardigan (black)

Gina Magazine

p.41 Ela Top (black) | p.42 Verna Polo Top (sand dune)

Classy Magazine

p.113 Julia Skirt (misty lilac/almond) | p.231 Chelsea Sweater (pale pink), Merritt Pant (bay leaf)

p.232 Esme Skirt (lt htr grey) | p.233 Aliana Skirt (navy)

Gisele Magazine

p.56 Jeanie Cotton Top (navy) | p.62 Cecil Sweater (off white)

p.63 Permanent Collection Chelsea Sweater (dusty pink), Coco Sweater (clay) | p.64 Josefina Cardigan (off white)

p.75 Amelia Pant (warm beige), Carlene Cardigan (warm beige) | p.140 Laureana Dress (off white)

Story Magazine
p.185 Lottie Top (ocean twist), Shaila Top (lt htr grey), Carlene Cardigan (lt htr grey)

InRed Magazine
p.40 Chelsea Sweater (daffodil)

Lee Magazine
p.61 Neva Cardigan (rosy beige)

Marisol Magazine
p.33 Coco Sweater (cantaloupe)

p.34 Coco Sweater (cantaloupe) | p.49 Delylah Top (crepe pink)

Very Magazine
p.311 Gwenyth Dress (navy)

Ginza Magazine
p.54 Martha Top (almond/almond)