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May 2019

JJ Magazine
p.29 Elliotte Stripe Top (white/navy)

p.33 Teresa Skirt (orange sherbert) | p.97 Kiana Stripe Top (white/navy)

CanCam Magazine

p.48 Tank (lt grey) | p.130 Tallulah Top (black)

Safari Magazine
p.288 LAD by DEMYLEE Kaden Cardigan (denim)

Glow Magazine
p.74 Ensley Cardigan (orchid merle)

Classy Magazine

p.227 Lark Top (grey merle combo), Nellie Skirt (rust/cherry red), Maximo Skirt (static black), Eddie Dress (navy) | p.229 LAD by DEMYLEE Dante Sweater (clover green)

Gisele Magazine
p.60 LAD by DEMYLEE Sergio Sweater (denim)

p.73 Jossy Top (white) | p.159 Sydney Top (white)

p.166 Kiana Top (white) | p.197 F - DEMYLEE 

Oggi Magazine
p.90 Sloan Top (soft beige)

Story Magazine

p.47 Brighton Sweater (tangerine) | p.53 Jossy Top (pale pink)

p.64 Jasleen Top (cherry red) | p.165 Philippa Cardigan (camel)

eclat Magazine
p.81 Raea Cardigan (static grey), Maximo Skirt (static grey)

桐島かれんムック本 Magazine

p.52-53 Casey Top (white)

p.54-55 Casey Top (white)

p.76-77 Casey Top (white)

p.86 Dhara Sweater (lilac)

Very Magazine

p.276 Odette x DEMYLEE Hook Earrings (brass) | p.277 LAD by DEMYLEE Harold Stripe Top (white/navy)

デミリー ( ピンク) | p.279  デミリー ( パープル),  デミリー ( ピンク)

p.289 Kiana Top (peacock), Chantel Pant (peacock), Jesse Top (white), Dana Skirt (peacock combo), Juno Top (camel combo), Teresa Skirt (rust), Miranda Top (peacock) | p.281 Eddie Dress (new brown)

Marisol Magazine
p.84 LAD by DEMYLEE Felix Top (navy)

p.98 LAD by DEMYLEE Felix Top (white) | p.99 LAD by DEMYLEE Fabian Top (white/navy)

Steady Magazine
p.19  デミリー ( パープル))

Lee Magazine

p.37 Maia Stripe Top (navy/rust combo) | p.63 LAD by DEMYLEE Fabian Top (white/navy), LAD by DEMYLEE Felix Top (white)

Baila Magazine

p.159 Miranda Top (camel)

ar Magazine
p.71 Juno Top (camel combo)