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March 2020

CanCam Magazine
p.35 Jeanie Top (lilac)

Safari Magazine

p.84-85 LAD by DEMYLEE Sergio Sweater (black)

Classy Magazine
p.68 Matchpoint Sweater (warm beige white)

p.73 Laureana Dress (off white), Maureen Top (misty lilac) | p.172 Cecil Sweater (clay)

Gisele Magazine
p.39 Eton Cardigan (black)

p.48 Coco Sweater (clay) | p.64 Josefina Cardigan (off white)

p.65 Josefina Cardigan (off white) | p.74 Jeanie Top (black)

Glow Magazine
p.34 Cecil Sweater (pear green) 

p.37 Chelsea Sweater (pale pink) | p.59 Camella Top (bay leaf)

With Magazine

p.30 Joany Top (vermillion) | p.31 Saylor Top (sand dune)

Anan Magazine
p.11 Martha Top (misty lilac almond)

InRed Magazine
p.71 DEMYLEE x OAD Rylie Tote (natural bright white)

Anan Magazine
p.13 DEMYLEE x OAD Rylie Tote (natural black)

Baila Magazine
p.60 Martha Top (almond almond)

Cluel Magazine
p.43 Inesa Polo Top (sunlight) 

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February 2020

February 2020

Voce Magazine p.138 Sybille Cardigan (white) CanCam Magazine p.92 Chelsea Mohair Sweater (baby pink) | p.93 Louise Mohair Cardigan (dark navy) Ginger Magazine p.42 Martha Top (black/bla...

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April 2020

April 2020

Anan Magazine p.15 DEMYLEE x OAD Rylie Bag (natural black) InRed Magazine p.52 Chelsea Sweater (pale pink) | p.53 Guillermo Sweater (sunlight) Lee Magazine p.65 Martha Top (almond...

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