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March 2018

JJ Magazine
p.49 Delmar Dress (black)

Ginger Magazine
p.46 Airlie Sweater (cactus)

p.50-51 Emi Shirt (white)

Glow Magazine
p.45 Peyton Sweater (terracotta)

p.85, 105 Vienna Dress (white)

Classy Magazine
p.50 Darleen Sweater (white)

p.59 Mariella Sweater (terracotta) | p.60 Milicentt Cardigan (clay)

p.105 Chelsea Sweater (white) | p.107 Robe (ltgrey)

p.119 Perce T-shirt (white) | p.129 Carla Top (terracotta)

p.132 Shorts (ltgrey) | p.188 Marela Top (navy)

Gisele Magazine
p.66 Dexter Sweater (white)

p.125 Faron Sweater (multistripe), Haddy Jumper (navy/white) | p.139 Constantine Sweater (navy)

p.149 Clarence Top (navy) | p.159 Chrissy Top (navy)

p.174 Honore Top (navycombo), Philippa Cardifan (terracotta) | p.179 Kendra (navy), Mariella Sweater (dustyblue)

p.185 Milicentt Cardigan (eggshellblue)

With Magazine
p.140 Prescott Sweater (pink)

p.141 Prescott Sweater (pink)

Oggi Magazine
p.123 Carla Top (paprika)

Elle Magazine
p.116 Prescott Sweater (pink)

Prescott Sweater (pink)

Prescott Sweater (pink)

p.123, 125 
Prescott Sweater (pink)

Prescott Sweater (pink)

Story Magazine
p.41 Prescott Sweater (pink), Delmar Dress (pink)

Prescott Sweater (lthtrgrey)

InRed Magazine
p.69 Philippa Cardigan (charcoal)

Very Magazine
p.54 Philippa Cardigan (charcoal)

p.65 Elodie Top (junglegreencombo), Seryn Top (navy) | p.86 Izara Sweater (navy)

Marisol Magazine
p.74 Kendra Skirt (cactus)

Kendra Skirt (cactus) | p.108 Evianna Sweater (clay)

Lee Magazine
p.50 Kendra Skirt (navy)

Baila Magazine
p.84 Clarence Top (cement)

p.89 Clarence Top (cement)

Hers Magazine
p.70 Alina Top (navy)