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January 2021

JJ Magazine
p.28 Rosia Cardigan (pineapple)

Classy Magazine

p.48 Sharon Sweater (warm sky) | p.86 Sue Sweater (olive tree)

p.95 Agata Stripe Sweater (off white/navy) | p.135 Anastasia Sweater (lapis)

p.138 Sabrinna Sweater (egg blue) | p.160 Adela Cafe Sweater (honey marl combo)

Gisele Magazine

p.47 Aurelia Turtleneck Dress (dark chocolate) | p.71 Anastasia Sweater (med htr grey)

p.74 Rosia Cardigan (hickory brown) | p.75 Chelsea Sweater (scarlet)

p.99-100 Aurelia Turtleneck Dress (dark chocolate)

p.104 Aurelia Turtleneck Dress (dark chocolate) | p.131 Honora Sweater (oat speckle)

p.139 Korbyn Cardigan (off white mohair) | p.143 Carista Sweater (ginger)

MORE Magazine
p.21 Rebecca Beret (black)

Otona Muse Magazine
p.2 Ad

with Magazine

p.59 Risa Top (black) | p.60 Chelsea Sweater (scarlet)

Story Magazine
p.55 Camryn Sweater (mink brown), Jennette Cardigan (mink brown)

p.63 Reggie Gloves (olive tree) | p.105 Reggie Gloves (med htr grey)

p.106 Jenny Skirt (black) | p.111 Camryn Sweater (mink brown)

Gina Magazine
p.49 Carista Sweater (wheat)

Precious Magazine
p.80 Lynda Sweater (navy/navy)

Very Magazine
p.126 Sharon Sweater (mulberry)

Cluel Magazine
p.34 Chelsea Sweater (scarlet)