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April 2021

CanCam Magazine

p.45 Julie Top (coffee brown) | p.48 Alie Skirt (purple stone combo)

Classy Magazine
p.51 Trudie Sweater (blue river)

p.96 Jinnie Top & Janette Cardigan (deep celadon) | p.99 Tina Top & Mattie Cardigan (blue river)

Gisele Magazine

p.35 Debbie Jacket (navy) | p.45 Clare V. x DL Nora Ruffle Sweater (natural)

p.56 Justina Sweater (bone) | p.72 Mattie Cardigan (mid htr grey)

p.125 Tella Sweater (navy) | p.138 Tina Top & Nolie Sweater (celadon)

p.154 Ila Cardigan (navy) | p.175 Hedvig Skirt (sepia)

Oggi Magazine
p.165 Ivie Skirt (sepia)

Story Magazine

p.57 Chelsea Cotton Sweater (blue denim) | p.83 Lennie Top (sepia)

p.123 Janette Cardigan (eggshell) | p.124 Chelsea Cotton Sweater (black)

Gina Magazine
p.35 Lennie Stripe Top (bone/navy)

p.38 Tina Top (ginger) | p.43 Mimi Cardigan (sea glass)

Lee Magazine
p.51 Rosanna Sweater (off white/navy)

Marisol Magazine

p.36 Coco Sweater (blue denim) | p.37 Bobbie Sweater (eggshell)

p.73 Evalyn Sweater (purple stone) | p.117 Clare V. x DL Nora Ruffle Sweater (navy), Marie Cardigan (sandstone)

Very Magazine
p.61 Orra Top & Chantel Pant (navy)

Baila Magazine
p.102 Oline Skirt (coffee brown)

Cluel Magazine

p.46 Chelsea Sweater (white) | p.66 Bobbie Sweater (peony)

Anan Magazine
p.9 Celesta Dress (royal blue)