One-of-a-Kind Cardigans

One-of-a-Kind Cardigans

This season we introduce a yearlong project that has been a true joyful experience to put together. Here at DEMYLEE, we love finding beautiful, well-kept vintage and antique pieces. We were inspired to create these special knits that would hopefully be treasured by the wearer and handed down to a loved one.

Each trim has been sourced and hand-selected. We worked with vintage and antique dealers and markets worldwide. The pieces originate from places including India, the US, England, France, and Spain, and they all come with a history of their own. Some even date back to the 1800s. On the handwritten tags, there is a brief history and description of the trims that were used to create that specific one-of-a-kind cardigan.

It is important to be creative in thinking about the environment and we wanted to give new purpose to these trims that still have so much life and beauty left.

Once we gathered all the trims, we carefully selected and curated groups to go together. The trims were then attached by hand in New York City to our classic cashmere Chelsea Cardigan.

We hope that each piece will be loved, worn, and one day have a history and its own story with you.

Starting 10.10.20 available exclusively at DEMYLEE Futakotamagawa & Ron Herman Japan store locations:

Fukuoka | Futakotamagawa | Kobe | Kyoto | Nagoya | Osaka

Roppongi | Sendagaya | Tsujido | Yokohama | Yurakucho | Zushi Marina