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Clare Vivier

How did you make your transition from journalism into fashion?

I was working as a journalist and needed a laptop bag that was functional but still stylish and I could not find what I was looking for. I started the line as a work bag line, creating the laptop and work bags that women like myself needed, and as the bags and designs began to gain traction, I began to work on the collection full time and transitioned into the fashion space.

Tell us about your journey of expanding the brand beyond handbags and accessories.

We started developing tees and sweatshirts over the past few years and our customers have responded really positively to the designs. Working with other like-minded designers like Demy on collaborations allows us to test the waters in new product categories (like knits) and see what our customers think in real time. Apparel and now knits seem to be something that the CV customer is looking for more and more, and we love to give her an extension of the line.

How would you describe the Clare V girl?

The Clare V. girl has definitely evolved but she’s always maintained a lot of the same values over time: She’s smart, she’s informed, she values California’s casual elements, mixed with French flair and Parisian charm. She’s looking for function but she’s not willing to sacrifice great style and we strive to deliver that to her season after season.

Most of your time is spent between LA, NY & France – whereabouts in these cities fuel your inspiration and creativity? (i.e. shops, museums, restaurants)

I’m inspired nearly everywhere I go. Whether it’s stopping by a new exhibit at LACMA, seeing an incredible font painted on the side of an old storefront in east L.A., people watching near our store in Brooklyn or scouring the flea markets in France during my summer travels there, the inspiration is really endless.

Favorite artists/musicians at the moment?

Definitely Dave La Chapelle and Lauryn Hill, both of whom I was lucky enough to see on my last trip to New York at Radio City.

How would you describe your personal style? Closet staples / Must-have pieces?

My personal style is always evolving but I have an affinity for cropped trousers, a great blouse, and the perfect brogues or loafers. Blazers and scarves (Demy Lee for warmth & Clare V. cotton) are always in heavy rotation and I always have a new CV by my side, depending on the season and what’s caught my eye.

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