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Piera Gelardi

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About Yourself
A silly billy artsy-type from Maine who moved to the Big City and is making her dreams come true.
Favorite City
New York City/We have it all. Every type of food, music, art, and style...making for a world of opportunity and inspiration for the taking. Plus, we have the best people watching! And I truly believe that the hustle and the great schlep of every day in New York makes you strong.
Go-To Garment
A bustier is my secret layering weapon.
Cocktail Drink
Havana Club Rum on Ice.
My family, John Waters, Yayoi Kusama, Sassy Magazine, Twin Peaks, Almodovar, Bjork, and the color pink are a few of the innumerable and varied influences that make up a PG.
Red is for firecrackers and always looks great in a photo.
For me, a sure fire way to feel chic is with the perfect white shirt. My packing and work essential.
A super classic piece that I'd crazy-fy with a wild printed shirt or a patterned skirt underneath.