Curated By
Mckenzie Raley and Sarah Belz

Co-founders of Land of Women

About Yourself
Mckenzie: My name is Mckenzie Raley, I’m the co-founder and creative director of Land of Women. I have been working in the fashion industry for just over ten years as a model, art director and now, designer. We launched Land of Women in 2013 with a six-piece capsule collection, aiming to create minimal lingerie using functional fabrics. We’re now in over 23 stores worldwide and just launched our e-commerce site. I’m a huge fan of the uniform and DEMYLEE sweaters are definitely part of my weekly rotation.

Sarah: I’m Sarah Belz, co-founder and director of operations for Land of Women. Before launching the brand, I’d been working in fashion merchandising for a number of years. I met Mckenzie through a mutual friend when I moved back to NYC and now here we are in our fourth season.
Favorite City
Mckenzie: I love Amsterdam, Tokyo, Paris, and Sayulita in Mexico. In the states, I love Marin county and Woodstock. I was raised in the countryside so that craving for open space has been pulling at me lately.

Sarah: I am torn between NYC and London. Having lived in London for nearly three years, it will always have a place in my heart. I love the gardens, the history and the charm. But there is nothing like the energy of New York!
Go-To Garment
Mckenzie: My worn-in black jeans. Fits like a glove.

Sarah: I recently got a camel cape in LA that I haven’t been able to take off.
Cocktail Drink
Mckenzie: Angel’s Envy Old Fashioned in the winter, Gin and Tonic in the summer.

Sarah: I typically go for a red wine, but on the rare occasion that I have a cocktail it’ll be a dirty vodka martini.
Mckenzie: I’m constantly influenced by the women I have in my life. They’re all makers and doers and so original in their style.

Sarah: In a city like New York, there is inspiration all around you. Architecture, nature, the people. We have a lot of architectural references in our collection, so that translates well in the city.
I honestly think I could live in this. It’s an easy throw on dress and it drapes beautifully.
The lightweight linen would pair nicely with white jeans for a summer night.
I love special details and subtle patterns you can only see up close. Keeping basics unique is such an art.