Curated By
Jen Szeto


About Yourself
I’m an animation producer, a picture post-er, a rock climber, an addicted shopper, and the last of five children. I’m allergic to dairy but I’ll screw myself over for a good scoop of bubblegum ice-cream.
Favorite City
New York City is my spirit animal. It’s magnetic – full of realness and wonderment, diversity, and endless creativity. It’s where I feel I was meant to be, but it’s currently disguised as San Francisco. A close second would be Yosemite… wait, does that count?
Go-To Garment
Blanket coats. The bigger the better. I want to feel like I’m a walking bed.
Cocktail Drink
Life is good when there’s a gin & soda in my hand. If the night is young and I’m feeling extra frisky, you’ll find me dancing in the corner, drunk off of laughs and old-fashioneds.
Everything and nothing, really. It’s hard to explain because I can’t pinpoint any specific source – my influence is birthed from my daily observations and parts of my past. It'll come out of nowhere and will feel like a terrible itch I have to scratch.
"I appreciate how this can be styled in so many different ways."
"A classic sweater with a colorful twist."
"I love how it instantly draws your attention."